Selected Salted Lambskins and Sheepskins

Our products are salted lambskins and sheepskins which have been selected to match a client’s requirements.

These selected salted lamb and sheep skins are also known as “drum-salted” or “wet salted” lambskins and sheepskins due to the method used in preserving the skins for storage and transport.  Some people also refer to these skins as “raw lambskins and sheepskins”.

We sell three main types of  drum-salted lambskins and sheepskins: Spring lambskins, shorn lambskins and sheepskins.

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Spring Lambskins

Spring lambskins are salted skins from lambs that have not been shorn. These lambskins are also known as “Sucker Lambskins” and “New Season Lambskins”.
Spring lambskins are regarded as the best quality lambskins produced in Australia and are highly sought after for premium products such as decorator rugs, footwear and double-face garments.

Spring lambskins selected early in the season are especially sought after for decorator rugs as there is no seed damage or weathering of the wool tip.

Our selected salted lambskins from Spring lambs are perfect for these end-products.

The supply of Spring lambskins typically begins in July, peaks in October and falls away in December. Limited selections of Spring lambskins are also available in January from lambs from lush coastal districts.

Selected salted lambskins from Spring lambs

Shorn Lambskins

Shorn lambskins come from lambs which have been shorn at least a month before slaughter. Double-face garments, footwear, cushions, underlays and car seat covers are typical products from selected salted lambskins from shorn lambs.

The main supply of shorn lambskins is from December to August; depending on the season, limited selections are available in the other months.

The wool length of shorn lambskins varies throughout the year with lengths between ¼” (6mm) and 2+” (50+mm) generally available.

Top quality selected salted lambskins from shorn lambs


Skins obtained from mature sheep are selected all year round although the wool length depends on season and time of shearing.

Sheepskins are selected for a large range of consumer products including doubleface garments, home decoration goods, car seat covers, and industrial products such as paint applicators and buffing pads.

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