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Preservation & Packing of Skins

All lambskins are properly cured using the drum-salting method developed in Australia by the CSIRO.

Additives are included with the fresh kiln-dried salt to improve preservation of lamb skin quality through the inhibition of microbial growth and insect attack.

Drum salted lambskins preserved in this way are also known as wet salted lambskins. Properly stored,  these drum salted lamb and sheep skins will keep for at least two years.

Wet salted lamb and sheep skins are selected according to customer requirements. These wet salted skins are then packed on pallets and pressed and strapped.

The pallets are then loaded into 20’ marine containers for shipping; each container holds 20 pallets.

The number of wet salted lambskins or sheepskins in each full container load (FCL) varies depending on skin size and wool length.

As an example, a FCL may hold 4,400 wet salted lambskins with wool length between 1/2″-1″ (13-25 mm). However, a FCL of wet salted lambskins with wool length of 2″ (50mm) or more may only hold 3,200 skins.

Grading salted lambskins before packing

Selecting Wet Salted Lambskins

All wet salted lambskins are selected on premises by highly trained and experienced staff. The selection system used examines both the quality of the wool and pelt.

The wool is assessed on its degree of fineness using the Bradford Wool Count method. This method provides a visual estimate of the average fibre diameter. Most lambskins fit within the wool count range of 50/58’s (25 –33 micron diameter).

The wool is also assessed for its density, colour and level of dust, burr and seed.  The density is particularly important with underlays and car seat covers.

The pelt is assessed for knife marks and cuts, seed penetration, amount of rib, shape (symmetry) and size.

All these characteristics are considered when grading wet salted lamb and sheep skins for a customer. Acceptable levels of each characteristic used in selection are both customer and end-use dependent.

Grading salted lambskins before packing